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Christal Knight Gonzales-Spirit Weaver

Hello! I’m so happy you are here and I hope to connect with you! 

Here is a little about my self and story. 

I come from a very sensitive and intuitive maternal line. Raised by a mother who encouraged me to trust and use my intuition, being connected and aware of the spirit realm always came naturally to me. As a child I had a strong sense of Empathy for people and animals and a "knowing" of the energy that surrounds us. I have always had a passion for helping others. I believe our Creator gave us all unique natural and other worldly gifts that help us to be in service to others and our selves.. I have spent most of my teenage and adult life learning how to connect to my own supernatural gifts, medicine, and higher self. With these gifts and over 23 years of experience with Tarot, I use Tarot and Oracle cards as a divination tool to provide intuitive readings. I am also a certified Reiki Master Teacher practitioner. Although I no longer practice Reiki it opened many spiritual doors for me that I will be forever grateful for.

A little about my spiritual teachings. 

I was blessed with a wonderful mentor named Elizabeth @soulcords.com that I call my spiritual mother. I’ve had the privilege to know and learn from her from the age of 14 and continue to learn from her. She truly is a huge part of my spiritual foundation and I am forever grateful to her. My second teacher Eliza @riseshinelove.com was my first traditional teacher in a sense. However there’s nothing traditional about her and her magic. Although I’ve had the least amount of time spent learning from Eliza, out of all my teachers she was by far one of the most influential. Her magic is incomparable and opened many doors for me to continue on my path. I had two more very special Reiki teachers Reece and Hollie. Reece is no longer practicing but Hollie @reikilightblessings.com continues to teach and practice and someone’s energy and style of teaching I always connected deeply too.  After practicing Reiki for 5 years I was divinely guided to my beautiful mentor Myranda @boundlesshealing.com. Her teachings inspired me to honor my own ancestral linage and discover a healing modality that was uniquely my own. She taught me how to continue on my spiritual path with the integrity and gratitude. She is a light in the darkness for many.

My love for helping others learn how to heal themselves and tap into their own intuitive abilities led me down a path of spiritual dedication and ritual that I value and honor with the utmost integrity. Even after several years in the holistic healing industry and at the age of 37 I am still a humble student. I am currently learning under the guideship of Myranda and the facilitators @ sacredwaymysterschool.com. 

I am also a licensed Cosmetologist. After several years in the beauty industry (which in my opinion is very much part of the healing industry) I decided to combine my two educations and passions and create a ritualistic beauty sanctuary and community where beauty is nourished from the inside out. I share my story and also my teachers in hopes to inspire others to pursue their own unique purpose versus copying others work. Although I keep my practices private I am happy to share who I learned from and hope you benefit from them as much as I have. 

We all have the power to manifest our own destiny and remember our divine purpose. My goal is to help guide you through your journey or at least guide you to someone else that can and to encourage the belief that beauty is more than skin deep. Beauty is spiritual. 

“A healer's power stems not from any special ability, but from maintaining the courage and awareness to embody and express the universal healing power that every human being naturally possesses.”

― Eric Micha'el Leventhal