Spiritual Healing & Readings by ​Christal Knight

Weaving Ritual & Beauty Into Balanced Harmony 

Karmic Beauty is a Ritualistic Spa experience to help you relax, heal, and reconnect you to your spiritual beauty. It is designed to bring beauty and holistic wellness into perfect harmony. I provide multiple modalities of traditional ancestral medicine from both my Celtic and Mexican Native American roots as well as my own ritualistic healing, relaxing holistic beauty treatments, herbal remedies, and a connection to a community of many other dedicated and gifted spiritual medicine weavers.  I believe true beauty is more than skin deep and focus on well being and inner beauty as much as I do outer beauty. From Wellness to Beauty everything I provide is done with intention and in Ritual. Body, Mind, and Spirit are all connected here at Karmic Beauty

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Intuitive Readings

Ritualistic Beauty 

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Tried and True Tarot

"Over the past 6 years Christal  has provided me with insight and guidance through tarot and the use of her intuition. She is accurate and spot on! She is talented, knowledgeable and provides honest advice with an added emphasis on natural ways to heal yourself by working with crystals, foods and through meditation. Christal's sparkling eyes and kind spirit make you feel welcome. She's magical! She genuinely cares about your happiness and well being. I recommend Christal to any and everyone that is interested in tarot or needing a bit of direction."

Nicole Christina T.

— Customer

First Time Client

“My experience with Christal was amazing. I had never done an energetic healing before, so I wasn't really sure what to expect. I told myself I would go into this with an open mind and just accept whatever happened. She explained how everything worked and that I could fall asleep, have visions, or just be very relaxed. Not only did I have incredible visions, when we were finished I was the most relaxed I had ever been in my life. After we did a tarot card session. The reading had a lot to say about my visions, too!! Christal will tell you than anyone can do what she does, but she definitely has a gift for it! Even her dog passed out during our session lol Christal has inspired me to learn more about energetic healing for myself, and how to use it to help my children and my future patients as a psychologist. I will definitely go back to her again and again! Even if you're unsure, give her a try. You will be amazed!!!”

Magan B.

— Customer